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Prestige Orange LPG Hose Pipe 1.5 meters (ISI Certified)

Prestige Orange LPG Hose Pipe 1.5 meters(ISI Certified) comes with 5 years warranty and is steel reinforced and Fire resistance. 


  • Steel wire reinforced
  • Strong Grip
  • Fire resistance
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LPG Hose by Prestige

Safety hose pipes for you gas stoves at home!

Prestige brings you safety hose from your gas stoves. It comes with steel reinforcements for rigidity and a rubber exterior for a strong grip. It can endure fire and is heat resistant.

Steel Reinforcement

This steel reinforcement makes the hosepipe right and sturdy for continuous flow of gas.


The gas hose pipe comes with a length of 1.5 meters for those people that have their stoves at a distance from the gas cylinders.

Strong Grip

The hose pipe comes with a strong rubber grip to avoid slipping off the nozzles of the gas stove and cylinders.

Fire Resistant

The product from Prestige comes with a high burning temperature and hence it is fire resistant to a good degree.

Easy to Clean

This hose pipe from Prestige is easy to clean and easy to store. Hence it is extremely convenient to use.

 Heat Resistant

It does not melt when exposed to high temperature while the user is cooking on the gas stove for hours. It is best suited for the kitchen.