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Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Sauce Pan


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  • Content: Omega Select Plus Sauce Pan with Lid (Size as per selection)
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant technology
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Sturdy handles
  • Residue free cooking
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Sturdy handles
  • Color: Black, Material: Nonstick
  • Warranty Information: 1 year on product
Prestige Non-Stick Sauce Pan  

Prestige Omega Select Plus Sauce Pan

Now experience taste, high performance and health all in one place. The new and improved Omega Select Plus Cookware coating making cooking safer and our health better. Its new and improved coating ensures durability and poses no harm to food. All in all, smart cookware for a smart kitchen. This cookware comes with a lid which helps in fast cooking.

Prestige Non-Stick Sauce Pan

Scratch & Abrasion Resistant Technology

The cookware is designed with scratch and Abrasion Resistant Technology, this cookware range has extreme ability to resist scratches and corrosion on non-stick surface making it extremely durable.

Prestige Non-Stick Sauce Pan

Metal Spoon Friendly Non-Stick Coating

Prestige Omega Select Plus Cookware comes with 3 layer Teflon non-stick residue free coating which not only uses less oil and also it is metal spoon friendly, thus making it healthier, user friendly and long lasting.

Prestige Non-Stick Sauce Pan

Sturdy Handles

Bakelite riveted handles with grip spots gives you a firm hold on the cookware while cooking and makes the handle long lasting.

Prestige Non-Stick Sauce Pan

Tips to Maintain Non-Stick Cookware

1. Condition before the first use with a thin smear of cooking oil.

2. Cook over low to medium heat for good cooking results. High heat can burn food, waste energy and cause surface discoloration after some time.

3. Do not use sharp objects like knives/forks and metal spoons with sharp corners/edges.

4. Cool pans before washing to safeguard against rapid temperature changes that can cause warping.

5. Clean you cookware with soapy water using the sponge scrubber after each use to prevent oil deposition.

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