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Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Junior Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Handi, 3.3 Litres, Flame Red

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Brand: Prestige

Color: Flaming Red


  • Made from premium grade aluminium
  • Features a pressure indicator for safe and convenient cooking
  • Designed for both induction and gas stove cooking
  • Controlled GRS
  • Comfortable handles for great ergonomic control
  • Extra strong lugs and heavy body for durability
  • Material: Aluminium, Colour: Flame Red
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece pressure handi (3.3 Litres)

Legal Disclaimer: Pressure indicator Induction bottom Controlled GRS Comfortable handles Extra strong lugs Heavier body Package Contents: 1-Piece Mini Junior Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Handi (3.3 Litres)

Publisher: TTK Prestige Ltd

Warranty: 5 years on product

Details: Multipurpose Pressure Handi for Versatile Cooking Cooking various types of dishes in an instant is a joy with the Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Junior pressure handi. Perfect for cooking rice, sabzis, dal and other delicious food items, this pressure handi is an ideal solution for your kitchen needs. Its 3.3 litre capacity makes it ideal for small families or single person use as you can quickly cook your favourite meals with minimum hassle. Furthermore, the induction base ensures complete versatility regardless of the type of heart source you use. Great Build Quality for Everyday Use Made from premium-grade hard anodised aluminium, the Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Junior pressure handi is built to last for a long time even with regular use. Featuring a heavy body with extra strong lugs, it can withstand heavy use with relative ease. The hard anodised aluminium also facilitates equal distribution of heat which results in faster cooking times without burning your food. The contemporary design of this pressure handi makes it ideal as a cooking utensil as well as for serving food at the dining table. Loaded with Safety Features for Peace of Mind Providing the highest level of safety, the Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Junior pressure handi features a pressure indicator which rises above the lid under pressure and drops when the pressure inside falls to zero, thus providing a visible indication to safely open the cooker. Its comfortable handles provide ergonomic support to the handi while keeping your hands safe from the heat.

EAN: 8901365107163

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