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Elgi Ultra Starch Remover Container


Elgi Ultra Starch Remover Container comes in two different sizes namely 1.9 Ltr and 3 Ltr.

  • Removes starch similar to traditional pot cooking, with a benefit of 30 calories lower per meal from every 400g of cooked rice
  • Turn your existing/ pressure cooker into a diet cooker with this accessory
  • Steps to use: 1)Place the starch remover(perforated vessel) inside the cooker. 2) Fill water upto the perforated base of the starch remover vessel. 3) Now, Add the required quantity of rice and 3 times water (or the rice to water ratio followed by you) in the vessel
  • 4) Shut the cooker and place it on stove top. 5) After 4-6 whistles enjoy steaming hot healthy rice, with the starch having automatically been removed in the cooker itself (just as in traditional cooking, one can see the drained starch in the pressure cooker)
  • Contents: As per selection


Starch remover (1.9Ltrs)

  • fits Elgi Ultra Pressure cooker for models namely Endura+ 3L, Endura+ Handi 3L and Ebony 3Ltrs cooker.
  • It will also fit Prestige cookers models namely Popular 3Ltrs, Popular Plus 3 Ltrs, Deluxe Plus Aluminium 3 Ltrs, Hard Anadosied Cooker 3Ltrs, Alpha SS 4 Ltrs, Alpha SS 3.5Ltrs.
  • Dimension: Height: 11.5cms x Diameter: 16cms

Starch Remover (3Ltrs)

  • fits Elgi Ultra Pressure cooker for models namely Endura+ 5.5L, 6.5L, 8L, Endura+ Handi 5.5L, 6.5L, 8L, Ebony 5L and 6.5L cookers.
  • Dimension: Height: 12cms x Diameter: 21.2cms