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Crompton Ihl251 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater (Blue)


  • Immersion water heater which is ip68 certified, it its aqua-proof design, extra safe to use
  • Consumer can use this product conveniently without the fear of getting shock which can be the case with ordinary immersion rod
  • Waterproof design makes the product performance reliable and consumer can conveniently reuse the product even after the product has been dipped in water during usage by mistake
  • Shock proof plastic handle
  • Light-weight for portability; water level indication for easy usage; heating element with longer life; powerful heating element for superior performance; warranty: 1 year on product

Details: The immersion heating rod from crompton is an isi certified product. This is easy to use and is made of good quality. Immersion water heater which is ip68 certified. A. Of its aqua-proof design.


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